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Porady - drinki (przepis w j.angielskim)

Dodano: 2000-01-01 00:00:00
Język: English/Angielski
Odwiedzono: 1479 razy.

Chilling the shaker, glass and alcohol before assembling the drink will keep it colder much longer.
Double-Ended Jigger has a small end that holds 1 oz. & a big end that holds 1-1/2 oz. Test yours; many are inaccurate.
Eggs can contain harmful bacteria. Leaving them out of the drink will change its flavor. Use your own judgment.
Fresh Juice should be squeezed for all drinks calling for citrus juice; it makes all the difference.
Maraschino Liqueur shouldn't be confused with maraschino cherry juice - it is not a substitute.
Superfine Sugar shouldn't be substituted with granulated or powdered sugar.
Twists should be twisted directly above the ice to release their essential oils into the drink.
From: Robert Wierzbicki &lt;delta@ikp.ikp.pl&gt;
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